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Gurdjieff the 1 + 1 = 2 Method

Self realization through common sense = Enlightenment

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Meet Antonio

My first experience was when I was 4 years old with a flow that brought me into the timeless awareness of the whole Universe Opening up my early travels living in Morocco from 1961 to 1963  where I had incredible experiences with nomads was just the beginning of my journey.

I moved to the Big Apple 1964  where I had the Blessings to work directly with Lord Pentland weekly for about 9 years and then brought into his private group on a regular basis thus meeting Madame De Salzmann and Madame De Hartmann and many more of the 1st People. This catapulted my journey in 1973 to work directly with Mr. & Mrs. John Bennett at Sherburne house from 1973 to 1974 in London. 


My Passion for Mr. Gurdjieff led me to J. Krishnamurthi in 1979  through 1986 arriving at the foot of Robert Bly and Teaching Qigong and on to studying The Art of Being Alive from 1990 to present: This has allowed me to create the 5th WAY - physical - emotional - mental - Time & Divine.


Gurdjieff And The Fourth Way

Gurdjieff (or “G” as we referred to him) appeared in the West for the first time from the East in the 1880’s and began baffling all of Europe. Soon he came to the USA and across the whole Western civilized world and even uncivilized worlds into WW1 and the Russian massacre then into 1910’s Paris. The 1920s brought him back to the USA, then finally back to Europe until his death in 1947. This is when Lord Pentland steps up to plate to head the whole of the USA, christened by G himself, to carry the Inward Torch for more BEING.

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 "I AM NOT I.  I AM this ONE Walking besides me, whom I do not see, whom at times I manage to visit
And at other times I Forget.  The ONE who forgives Sweet, when I Hate, The ONE who remains Silent when I Talk,
The ONE who takes a walk when I am indoors, the ONE who will remain Standing when I DIE."  


I first got into Qigong in my early 20s as a form of relaxing and strengthening my mind, body and soul. As I progressed, I gradually felt more energy in my pace, a clearer mind and a more positive outlook on my life.

I've spent invaluable one-on-one hours with many Qi gong masters from around the world, immersed in the complexities of Qigong.

I have since made it my life’s mission to restore and maximize chi to the world… not only as Anthony Morrocco, but proudly and in total devotion as a Qigong Teacher.  



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