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About Antonio Morrocco

At four years old, Anthony had his first spiritual experience. He felt the life force – the chi – flowing through him and it seemed that the whole universe opened up. He had the support only of his grandmother, Lena, who saw him for the young visionary he was.

Driven by a thirst to see the world beyond his conservative Italian family, Anthony began traveling in 1961. He lived in Morocco for a few years, and the incredible experiences he had with the Moroccan nomads were just the beginning of his journey.

In 1964, he moved to the Big Apple. There he apprenticed at a high-end salon on Park Avenue, while further immersing himself in spiritual teachings. It was in New York City where he discovered the philosophy of G. I. Gurdjieff.

Over nine blessed years, Anthony worked directly with Lord Pentland, president of the Gurdjieff Foundation, leader of The Work in North America. In time, he was brought into Pentland’s private group, meeting many of the 1st People – those who studied closely with Gurdjieff himself and led his work throughout the world. Madame de Salzmann was there, a high society dance teacher who focused on the Movements, and Madame de Hartmann, Gurdjieff’s personal secretary and scribe.

In 1973, with the aid of these connections, Anthony had the privilege of spending a year in London, working directly with John Bennett at Sherborne House, home of The International Academy for Continuous Education.

Anthony’s passion for Mr. Gurdjieff led him to J. Krishnamurthi in 1979. For seven years he learned from Krishnamurthi about the need for mankind to free itself from inner burdens of fear, anger, hurt, and sorrow. From there, he learned from Robert Bly starting in 1986, taught Quigong, and continued living and teaching “the art of being alive.”

This journey that began as a child has come full circle, always grounded by the teachings of Gurdjieff. It has all come together with Anthony’s creation of the 5th Way – becoming connected to time and the divine, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Antonio’s Teachers and Certificates


Lord Pentland/ Madame De Salzmanne & Madame DeHartmann


Teaching Certificate granted by John G. Bennett. The International Academy for Continuous Education. Sherborne House,Cotswolds Gloucestershire England


Sufi Master Javad Nurbash, Tehran


J. Krishnamurthi Ojai, CA 


Robert Bly, The Mens Work author Iron John Michael Meade, James Hillman, Marion Woodman

Antonio Morrocco
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