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Unveiling Consciousness: The Call to Wakefulness Amidst War

Amidst the tumult of current global conflicts, it's imperative to reflect on the deeper meanings behind human actions and reactions. G.I. Gurdjieff, a mystic and spiritual teacher, offers a compelling perspective on the state of humanity through the lens of inner sleep. In his view, the chaos and destruction of war are but manifestations of a deeper, somnambulant state in which humanity operates.

Exploring Gurdjieff’s Concept of Sleep

Gurdjieff's philosophy suggests that people live much of their lives in a state of sleep, unaware of their true potential and purpose. This metaphorical sleep leads to actions that are automatic rather than conscious, reactive rather than considered. War, in this context, is a dramatic example of what happens when this sleep scales up from individual to collective levels: millions of people, driven by unconscious motives and societal conditioning, engage in conflict that could be avoided if they were to awaken to a higher state of awareness.

The Impact of Awakening

What would it mean for humanity to wake up? According to Gurdjieff, awakening involves a profound transformation of consciousness, where individuals become aware of their real selves and the interconnectedness of all life. This heightened awareness could lead to a significant reduction in conflicts, as individuals who are awake are less likely to be swayed by divisive narratives or act on base instincts fueled by fear and anger.

The Path to Awakening

Awakening is no small task. It requires persistent effort, deep introspection, and the willingness to confront uncomfortable truths about oneself and the world. Gurdjieff advocated for specific practices and teachings to help individuals awaken, which include self-observation, meditation, and intentional suffering—embracing difficulties as opportunities for growth.

Join the Conversation

For those intrigued by Gurdjieff's teachings and interested in exploring them further, there is a valuable resource available. Visit for free weekly virtual meetings hosted by Antonio Morrocco. These sessions delve into the practical aspects of Gurdjieff's work, providing guidance and community for those on the path to awakening.


As we continue to navigate through times of conflict, Gurdjieff's call to awaken from the sleep of habitual existence offers a beacon of hope. By understanding the deeper currents that drive human behavior, we can begin to enact change, both within ourselves and in the world at large.

Join the journey of awakening, and perhaps together, we can find our way to a more conscious and harmonious world.

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